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David Love is a British adventurer, mountaineer and expedition leader. He's also a Commissioned Officer in the British Army and survival instructor with the Bear Grylls Survival Academy. He's undertaken numerous expeditions across the world, both by land and sea, and travelled to some of the most volatile countries on earth, including Afghanistan, North and South Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Mali and other swathes of Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. But his true passion is rooted in the hills and mountains of the Great Britain, where he spends much of his time working with young people in some of the country’s most challenging environments with the aim of inspiring the next generation to discover their own spirit of adventure......

LoveAdventures Circumnavigating The Gambia #AroundTheGambia

Next Adventure…..

Circumnavigating The Gambia!

In April 2018, I’ll be heading out to circumnavigate the whole of The Gambia.  The expedition will take me far in land to the most remote areas of the country, where I’ll deliver first aid training and medical supplies, as well as water filtration bottles and stationary items to those communities, families and children that have so little. Find out more here….


Adventure begins at the edge of your comfort zone……

Adventure really doesn’t have to be about scaling foreboding Alpine peaks or trekking across the vast emptiness of a scorched African desert.  Although that stuff is totally awesome too!

Adventure is about what you feel inside when you take a step into the unknown and begin to push the boundaries of your comfort zone.  It’s about being free to explore your physical and mental limits and gaining experiences and memories that cannot be bought – but must be earned!


Welcome to The Gambia

Around The Gambia – Expedition Blog

Follow our progress….. I’ll be updating our expedition progress right here each day as we circumnavigate around The Gambia from...

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