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Adventure doesn’t have to be about scaling foreboding Alpine peaks or trekking across the vast emptiness of a scorched African desert.  Although that stuff is totally awesome too.

Adventure is about what you feel inside when you step into the unknown and begin to push the boundaries of your comfort level.  It’s about being free to explore your physical and mental limits, gaining experiences and memories that cannot be bought – but must be earned!


Trifecta: Survival Bag Evolution or Revolution?

The world of survival bags is rarely exciting.  Well, that might all be about to change with the arrival of...

The Lost Memorials of Gebeit

Forgotten in the remote village of Gebeit in Northern Sudan, at the very fringes of the Sahara Desert, rests an...

Post Header Pryamids Meroe Sudan © LoveAdventures

The Hidden Secrets of Sudan

Due to a seemingly never ending civil war, severe curtailment of press freedoms and a virtually non-existent tourism industry, very few of Sudan’s...

Sail the Three Peaks

Sailing the Three Peaks Challenge

If you thought the National Three Peaks Challenge was tough, imagine what it would be like to sail it! This...