City Ascents: The London Urban Mountain Challenge

Too bogged down in the city to get out on the Hills?  Well, this London Urban Mountain Challenge could be about to change all that!

The guys at Snow+Rock have come up with a fun way to make your morning commute a little less mundane.  Instead of standing on the right side of the escalator like a half asleep zombie, hop into the fast lane and get some Kili-meters under your belt!  

It’s not every day you can say you summited a mountain on the way to work!  Although I wouldn’t recommend wearing crampons!

London's Urban Mountains Footer

The peaks ups for grabs are:

  • Scafell Pike – 978m (England’s highest mountain)
  • Snowdon – 1,085m (Wales’ highest mountain)
  • Ben Nevis – 1,344m (Scotland’s and the UK’s highest mountain)
  • The Eiger – 3,970m (Switzerland’s most notorious mountain)
  • The Matterhorn – 4,478m (Switzerland’s most iconic mountain)
  • Mont Blanc – 4,810m (Western Europe’s highest mountain)
  • Kilimanjaro – 5,895m (Africa’s highest mountain)
  • Denali – 6,168m (North America’s highest mountain)
  • Mt Everest – 8,848m (The world’s highest mountain)



Snow+Rock Urban Mountain Challenge Info

You can find out more about the Snow+Rock #UrbanMountains series on their Facebook and Twitter feeds. 


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