On Test: The Best All-Round Sleeping Bag

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Your sleeping system will obviously consist of more than just a sleeping bag and, depending on the weather conditions, you’ll need to adjust your setup accordingly. As with everything, you could own a number of different bags to best suit the situation. However, this is an expensive solution and you’ll probably still end up taking a warmer, heavier configuration than you actually need.

I prefer to take a reasonably lightweight bag that would initially seem a little inadequate for the job. Then I incorporate a bag liner, bivvy bag, sleeping mat or even existing clothing layers to achieve my ideal level of comfort.  This way you’ll save valuable weight and bulk in your pack.

Rab Neutrino Endurance 400 on test

The Rab Neutrino Endurance [formally Alpine] 400 is the perfect sleeping bag for the job. For a start, it comes with a weather resistant ‘endurance’ outer shell, meaning it will happily stand up to summer Alpine conditions without the use of a bivvy bag. In addition, Rab’s recent introduction of Hydrophobic Down sees your bag protected for longer if it does happen to come in contact with water or condensation.

Weighing in at feathery [excuse the pun] 890g, the exceptional warmth to weight ratio achieved by an additional 200g of goose down over its lighter counterpart, the Neutrino Endurance 200, is well worth the extra outlay and gives a highly respectable real-life comfort rating of -6 degrees Celsius [21’F]. By combining it with other elements of your sleeping system, the Neutrino Endurance 400 becomes a super versatile and lightweight addition to any pack up for a multitude of activities whether in the UK or further afield.

It’s my ‘go-to’ bag every time, from Alpine peaks to the boot of my truck, I’ve yet to be found wanting.


Price: £335.00

Weight: 890g (920g with bag)

Fabric: New lighter Pertex® Quantum outer and inner fabric

Fill power: 800 90/10 Goose Down

Shape: Mummy Taper

Hand-filled in Derbyshire too!

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