On Test: Survival Bag Evolution or Revolution?

Trifecta 2GoSystems LoveAdventures

The world of survival bags is rarely exciting. Well, that might all be about to change with the arrival of a new kid on the block. It’s mean, green and has just slapped all its other survival bag competitors in the face!

Meet the Trifecta by 2GoSystems.

I know, I know – a survival bag! It’s just an orange plastic bag thingy you force into the depths of your daypack right? We’ve all been there, and I’ve been doing it myself on every venture into the hills since my adolescence? I now own a lot of orange plastic bag thingies!

Trifecta 2GoSystems Snow Hole LoveAdventuresBut for a piece of kit that hardly ever sees the light of day, are we all missing a trick when it comes to packing savvy?

Tried and Tested…

I’ve now been testing out the new Trifecta concept from 2GoSystems for over 6 months, and in every conceivable outdoor scenario. From a tranquil night under the stars on a lowland UK summer hike to deploying it in anger on an unplanned emergency snow hole during a solo winter traverse of the Transylvanian Alps.  Each time the Trifecta has surpassed my expectations in every respect.

First off, you’ll notice the Trifecta is no ordinary survival bag.  That’s because it’s not just a survival bag. It’s also a fully fledged waterproof and breathable bivvy bag and sleeping bag cover. Not only that, but when you unzip the Trifecta’s all-round water resistant zip, it opens out into an exceptionally versatile flat tarp shelter. The inner surfaces of the Trifecta are also covered in a thermally-reflective coating, making it perfect for use as an emergency thermal blanket too. By simply reversing the inner surface to face outwards, in either a bivvy bag or shelter configuration, means heat is radiated away from you rather than being retained. This makes the Trifecta feel equally at home in warmer climates as it does in more temperate environments.

Trifecta 2GoSystems LoveAdventures

Not Just a Survival Bag…

Due to the Trifecta’s durable, tear resistant construction, it can also be used for a whole host of secondary purposes. From a thermally reflective waterproof ground sheet, to use as a makeshift emergency stretcher or even a highly visible signalling aid. The list really is only limited by your imagination.

During my own testing, I found the Trifecta to be particularly effective in its bivvy bag configuration. At 223cm long and 90 cm wide, it’s capable of completely sealing in its occupant, with plenty of space left over for kit when the elements are at their worst. The Trifecta is also highly breathable, meaning minimal condensation build-up on the inside if you do decide to go full-cocoon mode!


In short, the Trifecta is the best bivvy bag / survival bag / flat tarp / thermal blanket I have ever used.

R.I.P. Orange plastic bag thingies!

Trifecta 2GoSystems LoveAdventures
Trifecta 2GoSystems LoveAdventures
Trifecta 2GoSystems LoveAdventures

Trifecta Key Facts:

The Good

  • Exceptionally Versatile
  • Effectively 4 main uses in 1
  • Weight: Only 440g
  • Waterproof and Breathable
  • All-round 2-way reversible zips
  • Heat reflective inner surfaces
  • 9 D-ring tie out points
  • Very spacious
  • Ultra soft, tear resistant fabric
  • Only $63 [£50]!

The Not So Good

  • Pack size is slightly larger than other survival bags, but similar to most bivvy bags
  • Zip pulls can be a bit fiddly from the inside – fix by attaching a small loop of cord
  • Ships from the US only [But email the owner Brian first who will make this process far less painful if you live in the UK!]

2GoSystems Info:

Buy It!

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