Inspiring a Year of Adventure

2018 – A Year of Adventure

Right at the start of this year I pledged to myself to make 2018 a year of adventure inspiration. I wanted to dedicate as much time and effort as I could engaging with others about the benefits of adventure and the outdoors. Besides, what’s better than inspiring people to stay healthy, fit and active, while also pushing the boundaries of their comfort zone!

The Target……

I came up with quite an ambitions target of directly engaging with 10,000 people! Thats right, 10,000 individual people, face-to-face! Principally, this would be aimed at young people during the course of any speaking engagements at schools, colleges and while leading groups in the mountains. But also those involved in youth development such as adult leaders, teachers and other youth organisations, as well as anyone else I could get to listen!

David Love Map Reading Skills Weekend
David Love LoveAdventures Buckingham Palace DofE Gold Awards

Keeping on Track…..

To help me stay focused, I thought I’d write this post to keep on track. Nothing like announcing to the world what you’re intending to do to keep you motivated, right? Also, any money I generate through speaking this year, I will donate back to those youth organisations that are helping the next generation of young explorers find their spark for adventure.

I’ve still got lots of upcoming dates in the calendar over the next few weeks and months, but here’s how its going so far……


Guest Speaker, Edward Peake Middle School

Presenter, East Hampshire DofE Awards

Survival Day, South Downs College

Presenter, DofE Gold Awards, St James’s Palace

Guest Speaker, Craghoppers SS19 Launch

Presenter, Hampshire DofE Awards

Running Total










If you’re looking for a speaker to help meet your organisational needs, inspire mindset change, develop your leaders or engage with and empower your young people, I’d love to hear from you.

Lets make 2018 a year of adventure……..

Next Adventure…..

In April 2018, I’ll be heading out to circumnavigate the whole of The Gambia.  The expedition will take me far in land to the most remote areas of the country, where I’ll deliver first aid training and medical supplies, as well as water filtration bottles and stationary items to those communities, families and children that have so little. Find out more here….

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